A New Energy Culture of Energy and Traffic

In the economic and ecological long term, renewable energy sources (RES) such as solar energy,

wind energy, biomass, and small hydroelectric plants are the only acceptable alternatives to fossil

energies and nuclear energy.

All current ecological evaluations demonstrate the necessity to restructure the energy supply.

The "invisible" or "external" costs caused by the consumer must be reflected in the price of energy.

As a member of the International Solarcar Federation (ISF), the Association for the Promotion of

Solar Energy in Traffic and Sport does public relations for RES in the mass media with great effect.

One source of information is the "SolarMobil" events, which sensitize the public to the topic of energy.

The aim of the events is to point out that solutions already exist that could drastically reduce traffic

emissions of CO2. Energy-efficient transport concepts and corresponding infrastructural measures that

make recyclable energy resources available on tap are essential parts of an efficient, climate-friendly

transport system.

Part of the presentation of the content of the topic of RES is the planning and staging of conferences and

exibitions and the publishing of magazinens.

In February 98 the members of the association for the promotion of Solar Energy and Sport decide

to close the association because of lack of finances.

In March 1998 the former Executive board of the association Bettina Kosub and Arno Paulus

established the private society SolarPolis® GbR.

  Own Events

August 1990 1st International SolarMobil Cup, Hamburg - Berlin

Project newspaper: edition of 100.000

August 1991 2nd International SolarMobile Cup, Potsdam - Berlin

Project newspaper: edition of 100.000

April 1992 1st SolarMobile - Special Show at the Leipzig Automobile International

Moral sponsor: Association of Importers of Motor Vehicles (VDIK)

September 1992


3rd International SolarMobile Cup, Kassel - Berlin

in cooperation with STIFTUNG WARENTEST (Product Test Foundation)

Project newspaper: edition of 100.000

August 1993


4th International SolarMobile ‘93 Berlin

in cooperation with STIFTUNG WARENTEST

Project newspaper in German and English: edition of 100.000

 April 1994


1st European Solar Challenge Bonn - Amsterdam on the occasion of the opening of the 12th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
February 1995


Conference in Berlin: CO2-Reduction in Traffic - What is an "Ecomobile"

in cooperation with the Berlin Senate Administration for Urban Development and Environmental Protection

 March 1995

SolarMobile Shuttle for the participants in the World Mayors’ Conference
March/April 1995 SolarMobile PR-Tour, Berlin - Hannover, on the occasion of the

1st UN Signatories Climate Framework Conference

Project newspaper in German and English: edition of 100.000

 June 1996


MOA - Mobil without car - Solar Extra Energy Race: SolarBike’s on the cycling track Weißensee and Pariser Platz/Unter den Linden
Mai 1997


Publishing the magazin SolarPolis
June 1997 MOA - Mobil without car - Solar Extra Energy Race



January 1990 Exhibition: "Green week Berlin"
April 1990 Hanover Trade Fair - SolarMobile presentation
June 1990 Berlin Environment Day
October 1990 AAA Berlin, information booth
April 1991 Berlin Ecology Market
June 1991 Berlin European Sports Festival Tengelmann
June 1991 Berlin Mitte district Environment Day
September 1991 1st Eco-Market in Cottbus
May 1992 Information booth at the event "Bringing the Car Reason", organized by the national party executive of the German Social Democratic Party
June 1992 Köpenick Environment Day
September 1992 German Environment Day, Frankfurt am Main
October 1992 AAA Berlin (Automobile exhibition), information booth
May 1993 Special Exhibition on SolarMobiles in Florence at the 3rd European Solar Architecture Conference
May 1993 NEO - New Energies in the East
April 1995 SolarMobile - SolarPolis Exhibition at the Hannover Trade Fair 1995 Acquistion of 200 m2 exhibition surface to present Berlin’s district of Kreuzberg and companies working in regenerative energy
September 1995 Clean Urban Transportation Exposition, Teheran, Iran
Presentation of 9 Solar Cars
September 1995 ISES World Solar Conference in Harare, Zimbabwe
Presentation of 9 Solar Cars
März 1996 4th SolarEnergy in Architecture and Urban Planning, Berlin

Contribution: point of intersection of the Mobily of Tomorow in the solar town - Report and Exhibition for the ISC; conception of the Conferenz: Mobility for Tomorrow

September 1996 Exhibition SolarPolis on the congress EUROSUN in Freiburg, Germany

Solarboat, solar-Airplane. SolarMobile, SolarCafé, solartechnic in practice

Mai 1997 Exhibition of SolarPolis on the World Sustainable Energy Trade Fair, Amsterdam, presentation of solarenergy in practice and presentaion of the International SolarCenter Berlin with the magazin SolarPolis

June 1997 creation of a solarbus with solardisco for environmental groups (sound System)
Dezember 1997 presentation of the International SolarCenter, Berlin in Kioto, ECO 97


Other activities and invitations

April 1991 Pilot solar service station in Potsdam for the city’s transportation companies
September 1991 Participation and presentation in the symposium of the Institute for Ecological Economic Research (IÖW)
May 1992 Transportation system strategy for solar/electro-vehicles presented to the Christian Democratic Union party’s environmental committee in the Berlin house of representatives
September 1992 Colloquium "Driving in the Future - Alternative Fuel Strategies" sponsored by STIFTUNG WARENTEST, Berlin (initiated by our Association)

April 1993 Participation in the hearing on energy strategies for Berlin
June 1993 Presentation at the European Conference on New Fuels and Vehicles for Clean Air, Amsterdam

June 1993 Sunrace ‘93, Dallas - Minneapolis, USA
September 1993 Presentation at the ISATA, 26th International Symposium on Automotive Technology and Automation, in Aachen
October 1993 Tempodrom 2000 - idea workshop - energy strategy
November 1993 World Solar Challenge, Australia
July 1994 Expert hearing on the state of Berlin’s energy program staged by the Social Democratic faction in the city’s house of representatives
June 1994 Presentation at the Italian-German conference "Communal Transportation Strategies", Brescia, Italy. Organizer: Fraunhofer Society and ENEA
July 1995 World Solar Race in Akita, Japan (observer)
August 1995 Alpine Solarmobile European Championship (race), Swiss
Oktober 1995 13th European Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, France, Nice
Since January 1996 Pubblic relation work for the International SolarCenter, Berlin (ISC)
February 1996 establishing the Solarservers ‘SolarPolis ‘
March 1996 15th. PV-Symposium, Staffelstein
May 1996 25th PV-Conference, Washington, USA; American Tour de Sol 1996
August 1996 idea for the application as an independent EXPO 2000 project with the 21 bridges into the solarage for the International Solar Center
June 1997 International SolarCar (ISF)  meeting in Indianapolis, USA
February 98 the members of the association of solarenergy and sport decide to close the association because of lack of finances
March 1998 Establishing of the private society SolarPolis® GbR from Members of the former Executive board of the association Bettina Kosub and Arno Paulus
June 1998 SolarMobil 98 Berlin – Köpenick

Magazin SolarMobil

June 1999 SolarMobil 99 Paris – Berlin
July 1999 presentation on the exhibition SolarEnergy`99 in Berlin


Overall Press Response

Total print editions reporting

168 mio

Total television broadcast time 530 minutes
Total radio broadcast time 410 minutes

The Association was member of the following organizations:

Eurosolar Bonn/Berlin

SolarPlexus Association Berlin

Energy Policy Advisory Council Berlin

International Solar Center Berlin

Coordination Council Network Berlin 1995 Climate Conference

Climate Action Network Europe

and founding member of:

ISF International Solarcar Federation (umbrella association of Solarmobile event organizers)
BSM German Federal Association for Solarmobiles
BEE German Federal Association for Renewable Energies
ISC International SolarCenter, Berlin


STIFTUNG WARENTEST, TIP Magazin, BEWAG, Mitteldeutsche Energie AG, Kassel,

Verkehrsbetriebe Potsdam, City Express, Tengelmann, Deutsche Ausgleichsbank, Osram, Telekom,

Radio SFB, BLS Energieplan, DEUTSCHE MESSE AG, WINKRA, TARGON Computer, EnergieBISS,

Titanic-Reisen, Partner für Berlin, Bezirk Berlin-Kreuzberg, Pro-Fair GmbH, Umweltfinanz, Oktoberdruck,

Solon AG, Zapf Umzüge.