Service and Communication Center in Berlin

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International SolarCenter
Service and Communication Center in Berlin

The International SolarCenter in Berlin and the "21 Bridges to the Solar Age” have been recognized as an
" EXPO 2000 Decentralized Project in Berlin”.
The Solar Future

The use of renewable sources of energy such as solar energy, wind energy, water power, and biomass is the ecological and technical challenge of the 21st century. Berlin wants to be a model and pioneer in entering the solar age - and it has taken the initiative.
As a member of the "Climate Alliance of European Cities", Berlin has set itself the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by half by the year 2010.

With its solar government quarter, the reunified capital will set new standards for the increased used of renewable sources of energy.

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A "Solar Roof" for All !

The International Solar Center brings together in one place several companies active in the area of regenerative technologies and applications:
service and trade companies; consultation, training, and research facilities; laboratories and workshops; and other qualified operations. The building's solar architecture demonstrates the active and passive use of solar energy. The center's users are thus offered an attractive context for their activities.

Beyond this, the Solar Center serves as a multiplier for the use of renewable sources of energy. It will set its own mark on the architectural culture of the 21st century.

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Daylightspectrum Daylight, 350 - 750 nm

Solar Building Blocks

As host of the First United Nations Signatory States Conference on the Climate Convention, Berlin will provide pioneering impulses for environmental and economic policy through the realization of the International Solar Center (ISC).

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Political Prerequisites

Step by step, the necessary preparations are being carried out for a solar energy economy. Exemplary are the "Berlin Energy Concept", the Berlin House of Delegates' passing of the "Solar Facility Regulations", which stipulates a solar-thermic supply of use-water for new constructions and payment that covers costs for citizens supplying solar-generated electric current.

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Management, Cooperation, and Synergy

As a Solar Service Center, the ISC offers a broad spectrum of services to specialists as well as to the interested public. Short paths of communication and efficient technology transfer between research, development, and application - taking the final consumer into consideration - create essential competitive advantages for investors, tenants, and users of the International Solar Center and its environs on Stralauer Platz.

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Communication and Interaction

The International Solar Center has taken on the task of communication regarding renewable sources of energy; it also functions as a site of know-how transfer between East and West as well as between North and South. Specialists exchange information and ideas at conferences, congresses, and workshops. Product innovations are presented and the population informed at trade fairs, exhibitions, multi-media shows, and art and culture events. A solar theme park will be created for children, young people, and families.

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Central Berlin Location

The location on Stralauer Platz is central and close to Hauptbahnhof (Berlin Main Train Station) and has excellent connections for local and long-distance transportation. The International Solar Center's integration in the downtown Spree Quarter will provide innovative and pioneering impulses for the immediate environment as well as for the economic region of Berlin. The location on the shore of the Spree increases the International Solar Center's urban attractiveness and acts as a magnet for the functional quality of neighboring service sites.

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The ISC is emerging in cooperation with the OPUS Company for Project Development Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of the firm Wayss & Freitag AG, with offices in Frankfurt am Main and Berlin.
The International Solar Center is funded by a private-public partnership and with supplementary funds from the European Union, the Berlin Senate, and from rent income.

The operating company SolarCenter GmbH is composed of private firms, public institutions, and associations.

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The International Solar Center offers space for specialized companies in the technological areas of:

  • solar-generated electricity and heat
  • wind and water power
  • biomass and geothermal facilities
  • block-type thermal power stations

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Planning Service

for and by:

  • city planners
  • architects
  • engineers
  • software developers

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  • public counseling
  • meeting and conference center
  • advanced training and continuing education programs
  • media center
  • computer-based solar training
  • research laboratory
  • cultural and exhibition facilities
  • rental agency for solar cars and solar boats
  • solar theme park

...and it's available for your activities too!

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A curatorium of scientists and scholars from various Berlin universities and specialized institutes of higher learning, as well as representatives of associations, institutes, Senate administrative offices, and companies developed the strategy for a solar center in Berlin. The "Internationales Solarzentrum Berlin e.V." was founded as a non-profit association in 1992. The operating company "SolarCenter GmbH", founded in January 1996, will provide the technical and organizational infrastructure for the International Solar Center - in accordance with economic and ecological criteria.

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